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TattooCream® 25ml

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TATTOO CREAM® Aftercare – Sachet Cream for Tattoo Care

It is designed to shorten the healing time of the wound, accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis, as well as moisturize and nourish.

The ingredient that distinguishes this cosmetic from others is the addition of aloe vera extract, which is responsible for the entire healing process, nourishes and improves the condition of the skin.

The composition also includes other vitamins and microelements that will also be helpful in nourishing the skin after the procedure.

The cosmetic meets the requirements of the skin compatibility test.

Tattoo Cream® properties:

  • – regeneration
  • – soothing irritations
  • – long-lasting hydration
  • – minimizing itching
  • – elasticity and smoothing of the skin
  • – will positively affect the color
  • – dermatologically tested

Active ingredients:

  • – panthenol
  • – aloe vera leaf extract
  • – corn oil
  • – avocado oil
  • – chamomile extract (bisabolol)
  • – chamomile flower extract
  • – Bee wax
  • – shea butter
  • – glycerin



The strength of the cosmetic comes from its formula. The composition includes a place for many active ingredients needed by the body. These include: avocado oil, chamomile extract or beeswax. In this way, a preparation was created that improves the general condition of the skin, accelerates the healing time of the tattoo and minimizes the feeling of unpleasant itching. TATTOO CREAM® Aftercare – the cream in the tube remains rich in vitamins and microelements, positively affecting the color of the tattoo. We take care of fast shipment of goods straight to the address indicated.

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